Instagram new beta features

Whether you are for it or against it, like it or hate it, Instagram has started rolling out and testing new Beta features. These features are something that honestly has never been seen before on ANY social media platform. Hold on to your seats beauties because this one is BIG!

The new features make it were you no longer can see the NUMBERS! That’s right! NO LIKE COUNT, NO VIEW COUNT. To be able to see the number of likes/views, one would have to share the post. You may be asking yourself “well what’s the big deal? Isn’t this a good thing?” Well as a micro influencer & beauty blogger I can honestly tell you this is kind of like a double edged sword.

In my opinion, this is honestly going to help a lot of people. Individuals are going to see content for what it truly is instead of how “popular” it is or how “trending” it is. I have seen incredible artists & content creators struggle to obtain recognition. In my humble honest opinion… it is because there’s simply not popular enough And that is disheartening. When I see content I see the content. I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that I never look at numbers because,of course, I look at numbers. It’s part of My job to pay attention to engagement rates. My career is based on numbers.

But I think the biggest Concern here is what is this going to do with Brand deals, sponsorships and collaborations. Is it going to affect the influencer or artists income? Now that the brands actually cannot see the numbers…WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!Not All Brands and companies care about numbers or engagement rates… Some do. To each their own. To me, I think this is going to do a lot for individuals who actually live, breathe and survive on the numbers of a social media post. And believe me when I tell you, there are many many many individuals who unfortunately live by the rule of thumb “The More Likes, Views and Comments your Social Media Post gets, the more popular, the more LOVED and the MORE AMAZING YOU ARE “. I absolutely do not agree with this. I think it’s very sad and very disheartening that one measures their value and self worth on how much engagement their social media post receives.

Never the less, I think there are many pros to this new feature if it is something that Instagram does indeed a follow through with. AT this time it is only being tested in certain countries and areas as new BETA features. There are definite pros to this and there are cons. But what are your thoughts? What would you do, and how would you feel if you woke up in the morning and like and view account was disabled on your social media account?

I think this is one of many new amazing features that Instagram is rolling out in 2019. These features are to better the platform and help better the community. I’m super excited to see exactly how this plays out.





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